International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS)

About Us:

            International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS) is a Monthly peer-reviewed open-access journal concentrating on the articles of current issues in Economics, Business, and Management Studies. IRJEMS is intended to bring out quality first-hand articles benefiting the researchers, academicians, students, Business people, policymakers, and so on in the field of Economics and Business Management. To turn out quality articles, IRJEMS involves a fair double-blind peer-review process. Further, the journal follows Professional Ethics in selecting and publishing the articles.

About the Publisher:

            Eternal scientific publications is a newborn online and offline publisher that aims to publish original research articles in Science, Engineering, humanities, history, economics, management and literature. Eternal scientific publications (ESP) assures top-notch real research contributions to the young and empowering world. ESP will achieve its aims with the support of its distinguished partners of researchers, top academicians, professors, industrialists and research scientists. ESP has a unique research forum for its internal quality assurance. Even ESP hailed from India, and ESP wishes to spread its wings globally. In the future, ESP will be a global leader of scientific publications to serve the International Research Community, which will lift the society and each individual's innovations.