International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS)


          The goal of IRJEMS is to provide a peer-reviewed and authoritative source of knowledge in the fields of management, economics and technology management. It aims to build communication channels between government agencies, industry leaders, commerce and allied businesses, and academic experts in the sector. IRJEMS will produce and spread business and IT knowledge to improve the existing body of management and IT knowledge, expand the boundaries of knowledge that already exist encourage academics and professional managers to adopt a scientific mindset generate research scholars with outstanding research abilities to meet the needs of academia and industry.


          IRJEMS produces high-quality papers in a variety of businesses and management. The areas listed below are merely examples. Innovative essays that revolutionise any Business and Management field are also welcomed by the editorial board.

• Financial Economics
• Public Economics
• International Economics
• Industrial Organisation
• Behavioural Economics
• Management of Human Resources
• Marketing Administration
• Accounting and Finance
• International Trade
• Management of Information
• Management of the Environment
• Management of Production
• Management of Operations and Supply Chain
• Management of Technology
• Making Strategic Decisions
• Management of Negotiations
• Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
• CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility
• Emergency Management

• Development Economics
• Institutional Economics
• Tourism Economics
• Political Economy
• Managerial Economics
• Education Economics
• Business Intelligence
• Agribusiness and Rural Management
• Management in general
• Management of a Hotel
• Communication in the Business
• Management of Tourism and Hospitality
• Management of Recreation
• Management of Inventory
• Management of Waste
• Management of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
• Strategic Management
• Tourism & Hospitality

Aim Scope