International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS)

Become a member of the Editorial Board

            Being a member of the editorial board of a journal is a rewarding, pleasurable, and distinguished experience that contributes to the research community through the methods and guidelines provided by specialists in the field. Despite the fact that it is time demanding and frequently goes unnoticed, there are several significant benefits that make editorial board participation desirable. While working with us as an editorial board member or journal reviewer, you will be entitled to the following perks.You need to read several texts in your field of importance and interest with care. This is how you're compelled to stay current while checking and suggesting modifications to manuscripts on a regular basis.This effort contributes to and improves your reputation as a well-known expert in your field, which may lead to more invitations to speak at conferences or requests for invited research in your specialised area.You'll be one of the people who helps to develop and decide the urgent steps that are required to meet changing societal needs.Your subject suggestions and ideas may be used to organise special issues on themes of your interest. You will be the first to learn about new studies before anybody else, putting you in a position of leadership in your field. Members of the Editorial Board will get a certificate for their contributions to the IRJEMS.


            Our editorial board members must be leaders in their fields and have prior experience publishing articles and papers. Final editorial decisions determine whether an article is accepted or rejected; hence they play a crucial role in the peer-review process. To improve the quality of our journals, all members are asked to test the manuscripts that have been submitted to them without prejudice. There are no hard and fast rules for analysing a work; it all depends on its merit, quality, and uniqueness.
You must go over the following points when verifying the manuscript:
               (1) Thorough inspection and relevancy of the text in accordance with author guidelines;
            (2) Thorough examination of the work's intents and objectives. Members of the editorial board are expected to provide timely feedback on how to improve the quality of the manuscript publication.

We invite you to join us:

            The quality of a journal as a platform for global scholarly communication has always been an aspect that has drawn a lot of our attention. To ensure the quality of our journal and to better serve our academic colleagues, we are presently seeking members for our editorial board and reviewer panel from all over the world who work in the field of Economics and Management Studies. Professionals and experts that fit the following criteria are encouraged to join us, and we will work together to create a world-class academic publication.


           1. Applicants must have a PhD (doctoral) degree and be affiliated with a recognized academic institution or private research group.
            2. The applicant must have extensive experience in the field of research in which he or she is applying;
            3. The applicant's study field must be relevant to the scope of our journal.
            4. The applicant must be willing to devote some time to review manuscripts.