International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS)

All the articles should be submitted to the mail address which has been mentioned on our website.
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Yes. All the submissions should be in the preferred format of IRJEMS.

IRJEMS is an open-access journal that allows all researchers and individuals to access all the articles for their own or society's purpose.

The author submission guidelines have been placed on our home page. Kindly visit the link below.
(Submission GuideLines)

No. IRJEMS publishes only English language articles to reach the International Economics Research Community.

No. There is no publications fee or charge for publication. Still, the article processing charges(APC) are mandatory to publish an article.

No. There is no fee for submission.

In IRJEMS we are following an express the review process to eliminate time wastage for authors and reviewers. Generally, the review process will be completed within 5-7 working days.

No. As a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, the journal policy does not allow to share either reviewer or author details to both.

Authors should provide the final version of the paper after acceptance. If there are any corrections such as typesetting corrections or grammatical errors can be edited after the publications. But major revisions in the content or author bibliography and the page count can not be allowed.

Authors are requested to completely go through the submission guideline. And also the authors should ensure that the article contains a proper abstract introduction, research ideology, literature review, conclusion, and references.

IRJEMS follows a waiver policy that helps researchers from poor countries. Kindly visit the link below for further details. (Waiver Policy


Yes. IRJEMS is the sole responsibility for all the published articles. So authors should fill out the copyright form along with all the necessary documents and has to submit it to the journal.

IRJEMS welcomes patrons, dignitaries, professors, faculty members, researchers from both academic and industry to be a part of our distinguished editorial board. The reviewers or the editorial members should be doctorate or post-doctoral fellows. Kindly visit reviewer guidelines.(Reviewer GuideLines)

IRJEMS strongly condemns copied materials in the content from other publications. The submission should be below 15% plagiarism. The journal uses the latest software to detect plagiarized articles.

Yes. Authors can avail themselves of the hard copies along with the online publication. But authors have to pay for the hardcopies additionally.

Yes. The e-copy of the publications certificate will be provided free of cost upon the author's request. If the authors need hard copies of the certificate they have to pay additionally.