International Research Journal of Economics and Management Studies (IRJEMS)

Submissions/Author Guidelines:

   All contributions should be made through the email ( to the International Journal research Journal of Economics & Management Studies.
   To eliminate bias, the Journal employs double-blind peer review, in which neither the authors nor the reviewers are aware of each other's identities. Peer review is an important part of the process.
   Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format as two distinct files (see in Template of the manuscript).Paper Template
   All articles are examined by the editorial office after submission and may be rejected immediately if they are deemed to be outside the scope of the Journal or otherwise unfit for acceptance. Articles that pass the preliminary examination will be sent out for external review.
   The writers will receive reviewer reports with the editor's judgement as soon as possible, but please be patient as reviewing can take up to 10 days.
   After reviewing the submission, the editor will decide whether to reject, accept, or change it. Major or minor revisions are possible. If a revision decision is made, writers are asked to complete their edits as soon as possible; if an article is not revised within a reasonable amount of time, it may be considered a new submission. Depending on the level of the correction requested, revised articles may be sent out for review again.
   The Journal accepts all original articles and reviews submissions that meet the Journal's scope.
   All submissions must be original papers that are not currently being considered by another journal.
   If there is anything in the work that has already been published (for example, figures), it must be declared, and the authors are responsible for getting the necessary permissions to reprint. If required, proof of authorization must be provided.
   The paper should be submitted in the preferred format of IRJEMS. The title page should include the paper's title, authors' names, institutional affiliations, addresses, email addresses, ORCID, corresponding author identification, abstract, and keywords. To maintain author anonymity, acknowledgements, funding, disclosure statement, and contribution should be included only on the title page (not in the Anonymized Document file).
   An anonymized document should have a title, abstract, keywords, main body content with personal data removed to preserve author anonymity (this information should be provided in the Title Page file), and references. After the peer-review process, personal information will be included in the accepted manuscript.
   Only articles written in English are accepted. Authors are responsible for the language quality of their articles, and it is strongly advised that you have your manuscript proofread by a native speaker or an English language professional before submitting it to verify that the language is acceptable.
   People who contributed to the work but did not meet the authorship standards should be acknowledged, along with their contributions, in the Acknowledgments. You must make certain that anybody named in the acknowledgments consents to their name being used.